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A frank Forex interview with Bill & Greg Poulos

35+ year trading expert Bill Poulos’s Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software goes “LIVE” today, Monday, at 1pm Eastern (New York time).

I know that many of you have already made your decision to join Bill when he opens up the doors.

But I also know some of you probably still have some remaining questions.

And that’s why I’m glad Bill asked his “computer wiz” son, Greg,to do a live Q&A interview with him…

In this interview, Bill addresses some more of the top questions about his new program, such as:

  • “How much time do we have to place trades after the alerts occur?”
  • “What broker software will this work with?”
  • “What countries will this work in?”
  • “How much time do we have to place a trade after an alert pops up?”
  • …and several more.

To watch this short video (recorded in Bill’s “trading lab”), go here…

After you watch the video, make sure you enter your email in the box beneath it to get on Bill’s “Cut In Line” list – that will get you a priority link so you can get in on Bill’s program a FULL HOUR before the rest of the world today.

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