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Many of you have asked for a “snapshot” of some overall recent trade alerts generated by Bill Poulos’s brand new Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software…

“Ask & you shall receive…”

Here’s a quick video Bill just recorded for you yesterday afternoon, Friday… and I think you’ll be ASTOUNDED by what happened.

See it here:

Trade Alert Snapshot showing 562 pips

In a nutshell, even as the Forex markets were slowing down on Friday, his Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software generated 27 trade alerts on the 5-minute and 60-minute time frames he shows you in the video…

-and bagged 562 pips.

Of those 27 trades, there were 19 winners, 4 breakevens, and 4 losers.

That’s about a 70.4% win rate.

Now, it won’t always be that good – you could do worse & you could do better… but this is the kind of action he designed this software to capture.

And when you can capture this many pips, especially on a relatively “slow” day, it’s just AWESOME!

Go here to see the video:

Trade Alert Snapshot showing 562 pips

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